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Mitex Holland

With our new logo, renewed website and our new retail shop, located in Helmond. We are very excited to take you on a journey where we display an unique and modern style with our amazing Mitex Holland Wax fabrics. Our company stands for innovation. We continue developing new designs and gorgeous add-ons. Make your look […]

Be creative, be you

Everyone has their own taste and ideas about fashion. The way people present themselves is valuable to have a good first impression. The way we dress affects the way we look and feel, it influences our subconscious, affecting our mood and behaviour. You do feel happier in your best outfit. The way you present yourself […]

La Perla

We are in love with diamonds and gold. The only thing we needed to add for more shine are pearls. Pearls are always appropriate and pearls go with everything. Get easily attracted by everything that sparkles, sparkle up your life with our colourful fabrics combined with beautiful pearls. Tell a story without even a single […]