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Mitex Holland

With our new logo, renewed website and our new retail shop, located in Helmond. We are very excited to take you on a journey where we display an unique and modern style with our amazing Mitex Holland Wax fabrics.

Our company stands for innovation. We continue developing new designs and gorgeous add-ons. Make your look remarkable and one of its kind.

Traditional African prints are our biggest interest, we design wax fabrics with unique patterns, combinations of angular shapes and circular shapes, vibrant colours, natural colours and contrasting colours. To take a step to the next level we add sparkling layers, shimmery gold lurex, diamond crystal stones and pearls.

With a perfect finish all Mitex Holland Wax fabrics are durable, extremely soft and high quality 100% cotton fabrics.

Designs of wax fabrics are a big influence in the international world of fashion and lifestyle. People are more daring with their outfits. Colourful garments worn by woman and men. With our eye and attention for detail we want to create an inspirational source for designers all around the world.

Our Mitex Holland Wax fabrics can be used for social to partywear to attractive everyday attire. From table runners, wall hangings, craft making, home décor and garments. See our “Mitex Holland Inspiration”.
African print is in style all around the world, so don’t limit your options and start order now!