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Be creative, be you

Everyone has their own taste and ideas about fashion. The way people present themselves is valuable to have a good first impression. The way we dress affects the way we look and feel, it influences our subconscious, affecting our mood and behaviour. You do feel happier in your best outfit.

The way you present yourself is essential to inspire others. You can only inspire others, when you do the things you love with the things you like. Make sure that you dress yourself like your already famous.

Beauty can be find in everyday life and everyday choices. Be passionate about what you do and what you wear.

African fashion is our inspiration and became a lifestyle. Fashion is where art, history, love and music combine. The history, the people, sights, the sounds and the taste of Africa made us fall in love. The beautiful colours, different shapes and an enormous variety of symbols impressed us and encourage us, to create our own identity and personality, with our unique Mitex Holland Wax fabrics, we have in stock today.

We want to express our unique personality and show the world who we are.

We are also very excited to see the creations made with our Mitex Holland Wax fabrics. Fashion designers from all over the world using our Mitex Holland Wax fabrics. From dresses to handbags, umbrellas and pillows, all you can think of can be made with our amazing Mitex Holland Wax fabrics.

We want to inspire you to think big, dare to be different and make a unique creation with our Mitex Fabrics.

Take a look at our “Mitex Holland Inspiration”.

Share your passion for fashion:
Buy your favourite Mitex Holland fabric in our webshop or at your local European or American dealer. Create the best outfit for man, woman or children. Take a picture of your creation worn by yourself (or a model) and send it to us by email:

Be creative, be you!